About Us

 Why Waterproof???  Leak Repairs are our business. Hurricane Weatherproofing is a company who firmly believes in taking great care of our customers.  We have believed this for the past 34 years on Cape Cod, Southeastern MA, and the Boston Area

 Hurricane Weatherproofing feels so strongly about our commitment to our to our customers that we ask our employees to comply with our commitment to our customers in writing,  If they can't make that commitment, they work for our competitor.

Hurricane Weatherproofing is active in commercial, industrial, and institutional construction projects.  Our principal service is as a contractor, but we also offer waterproofing and restoration consultation services to architects, engineers, and building owners on new construction and rehabilitation projects.

Hurricane Weatherproofing is owned and operated by David & Kristina Ruzzo.   Both Dave & Kristina share the company vision that utilizes our expertise and craftsmanship in order to assist you in protecting your greatest investment from any structural, foundation, or water control problems.

Hurricane Weatherproofing is fully licensed and insured.  Our reputation is second to none.  Hurricane Weatherproofing is a full service company who specializes in solving your problem.  With our vast knowledge, Hurricane Weatherproofing can meet your specifications as well as your budget.

Our satisfied customers, with projects both small and large, have relied on us to save them money before their issue becomes too costly a burden.  Hurricane Weatherproofing has assisted customers with above and below grade waterproofing, caulking and sealants, exterior and interior wall coatings, parking areas, balconies, decks, basements and facades, expansion joint systems, emergency leak investigation, with repair resolved in a timely, reliable fashion.  resolution

Hurricane Weatherproofing is proud to say our products are the top of the line in the waterproofing/weatherproofing industry.  Hurricane Weatherproofing has the highest standards of workmanship that is economical in order to meet your budgetary needs.

Unlike other businesses you've dealt with, Hurricane Weatherproofing & Restoration does the job right the first time.  We do the job right and we guarantee it.  Your comfort and safety is our business. 

 "Our company has been utilizing Hurricane Weatherproofing for more than five years for all of our roof related masonry and water repellent work. We find them to be extremely reliable, trustworthy, and the ideal sub-contractor. First class work with reasonable prices is the order of the day when working with Hurricane."

Mary Ouellette, Witch City Roofing Company, Inc. 

                                 Waterproofing will prevent flooding, eliminate dampness and protect against mold growth.                                        Hurricane Weatherproofing has your solution, will save your money and increase the value of your real estate.

Give Hurricane Weatherproofing & Restoration a call.  We are here to help you.